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PreBirthday --> Detroit

This trip was great. Going to Detroit was an early birthday gift to myself. (Solo Travel) Despite Corona closing everything down I got to relax and sight see. Detroit has plentiful art and driving around looking at that took up majority of my days. I left on a Thursday night and came back Sunday Morning.

I got to visit the Motown Museum and go to Studio A where some hit records were made and produced. That was a chilling sensation to be able to visit that and learn the history behind the music we listen to and have been listening to.

Detroit's downtown is usually popping from what I would hear from locals. Greek town is located downtown and full of bars and food!! i got to visit Loco bar where they had $5 margaritas and an unlimited amount of flavors me and the bartender became friends and I became her guinea pig. I had about 4 different drink pairings and they were all great. I also got the chance to visit Belle Isle, The Heidelberg Project and Eastern Market. Bell Isle is a relaxing little island where you can fly kits or have a picnic date or anything of that sort I just relaxed in the car and watched the birds. The Heidelberg Project has to be the coolest thing ever. It is a street full of art that was created by individuals in the community and it is so abstract and different. I truly would like to have been apart of the process of creating it just because of how beautiful it is. Eastern Market would have been a sight to visit but it was closed, the street art is amazing though I drove around for an hour trying to find different art. They also have a street market on one side of the street. Places to visit if you get a chance

  • Motown Museum

  • Greektown

  • Bakers Keyboard Lounge

  • The Heidelberg Project

  • Belle Isle

  • Windsor (Canada)

  • Eastern Market

On my list of foods I had a million places to try but limited time I definitely did not get to eat at all of them hell not even 1/4 of them but I did try Saucey Crab and Cafe Muse. Saucey Crab was not saucy i would not recommend the food tasted like oil and bad seasoning. Cafe Muse was great and filling I had a waffle with fresh fruit and eggs with a Peach Bellini.  Some places I wanted to try but did not get the chance are:

  • Chili Mustard Onions

  • Detroit Vegan Soul

  • Bucharest Grill

  • LeCulture Cafe

  • Capers

  • Detroit Pho & Crab Restaurant

  • North Bar & Grill

I did not get to go to any clubs being that everything was just now being mandated to be closed so I spent the nights riding around the city catching the views and seeing what the city has to offer. But there are some clubs I googled while out there that may have been hype.

  • Club Truth Detroit

  • Woodward bar (LGBTQ)

  • Club Echelon

  • Bleu Detroit

  • Sweetwater Tavern

  • views bar and Grill

  • Mix Bricktown

  • North Bar and Grill

  • Duo Restaurant and Lounge

Aside from not being able to do everything I intended. I managed to make this trip happen sporadically. Literally a week before my departure date is when i bought my ticket, rented the car and booked the hotel. Thanks to my new coworker Jardan for saying go girl go! I spent $700.00 on the trip I am sure it would have been more if things were to have been open but luckily for me I got to experience all that was meant to experience.


Entertainment: $38.50

Eating $110.96

Housing: $150.81

Transportation: $192.86

Flight+ Bag $206.80

Total: $699.93

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