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2021 Travel Recap

2021 Recap I Set Out To Travel Every Month! Let’s just say I concurred it! With efficient planning I was able to travel every month sometimes 2 times a month. In this blog I will recap my travels!

January - Los Cabos, Mexico! I was able to celebrate my mothers birthday in Cabo! Her favorite vacation spot but my first time visiting. I definitely enjoyed Cabo as it provided the ultimate relaxation with a splash of fun! Not as party oriented as Cancun but still provided a night life. When we went it was still during those COVID times so they had a curfew of 11pm for the night clubs. A little secret to let you in on, we got all of our activities for $200 for the both of us (time share presentation are your best friend you are not obligated to buy ANYTHING, get the stuff they offer and spend an hour viewing a nice hotel)! Activities we did were parasailing, glass bottom boat tour to lovers island, ATV riding, and tequila tasting! We stayed at Hotel Tesoro Los Cabos! They have a great view of the water and scenery for perfect sunset/sunrise! Drinks were top tier (All Inclusive).

February- Broken Bow, Oklahoma! My favorite place to do group trips. Secluded and just all around fun! Was able to Celebrate my friend Ty’s Birthday! She had breakfast and dinner catered by Marissa Thomas! Chefs kiss everything was amazing! We played games, roasted s’mores, enjoyed the hot tub, cried and laughed! 10/10 great trip.

March- Atlanta, GA! I got to celebrate Me! I celebrate my birthday every year as big as I possibly can but due to Covid I wasn’t able to do it the past 2 years so this year I had to go big! I had a book keeping training with the Bookkeeping Bestie to start out my trip! My dear friend Keanna accompanied me on the trip. She decorated the room for me and got all my favorite desserts, we went to “BLAZE” for dinner, the food was delicious! Crab cakes are 10/10! Visited “CRU hookah lounge” , it was definitely a nice vibe! The day of my birthday I treated myself to brunch at “Breakfast at Barney’s” and then visited the selfie museum! Went to “Josephine’s” to pregame they had a seafood boil that was 7/10. Ended the night at magic city if your birthday is that week you can register get in free and get a free drink! Because the crowd was so nice I was getting drinks all night! Trip overall was definitely a 10/10.

April- Houston, TX! I didn’t have to travel too far but visited Houston to celebrate my Aunts birthday. We celebrated at “The original Red Rooster” it is an older crowd club but I definitely had a blast! Everyone showered us with drinks since I was technically still celebrating my birthday as well. The night was definitely fun!

May- Austin, TX / St. Louis, MO! May was filled with love as I got to witness 2 of my sorority sisters marry the love of their lives! Austin was dope of course went to 6th street! We also visited this food truck area cannot think of the name of it, they have daiquiris and a crawfish spot where the crawfish was to die for! 10/10. St Louis was a new state for me and definitely a trip must take. We stayed on the outskirts to be closer to the wedding but nothing was truly out of reach the Uber rides around were maybe 15-30 mins top. Got to do some sightseeing. If you plan to visit the arch buy your ticket in advance as day of tickets are not usually available on weekends. They did have a museum there for you to tour which provided facts and history about the arch. “Wheel House” is a must visit they had the best brunch and happy hour ever! Literally tried all of their shots and the different mimosas! Their night life was pretty cool as well, nice large bars with dance floor most were free to get into. Due to Covid a lot of stuff was closing early though. Overall a great trip 8/10 to visit again.

June- Minneapolis, MN! Solo trip! My solo trips are always spontaneous whichever flight is the cheapest and I can fly when I get off of work! Minneapolis is a nice city but not a lot to do well at least not where I was. I did get to visit mall of America which was large and had a theme park inside! It is amazing if you have children can tire them out . There is also this sculpture garden I got to visit which was pretty cool, the weather was ridiculously HOTTT, would recommend getting a car if truly looking to explore. I did meet some people who showed me the night life it was pretty fun, again due to COVID not a lot was open and the clubs were moderately packed with enough space to enjoy and not be over crowded. I'd rate this trip as 6/10 not much adult fun.

July-Tulum, Mexico/ Alabama! Me and my line sisters do an annual trip and this year it happened to be to Tulum, Mexico, definitely one for the books. I planned the itinerary for the trip, we had an Airbnb so we did not stay by the beach. We did the Tulum Tower Experience, Rode Bikes to the Cenotes, boat tour with "Black in Tulum", BBQ day party with "Black in Tulum" , went to the "strip" where everything is located by the beach, they have restaurants, night clubs, hotels, shopping everything literally in this area. Clubs and bars did close at 11pm due to COVID, so we did not get to immerse ourselves in the night life as much as we would have liked. Built our itinerary to have at least 1 planned thing a day to keep us going. 10/10 recommend visiting Tulum, not as big as Cancun but gives its own experience. Alabama- drove to attend my sisters baby shower and spend time with my Dad/Bonus Mom and brother. Not much in Alabama , but definitely was a great trip to catchup on some quality family time.

August - Miami, FL! Honestly I attend Miami every year that I try to just find new chill things to get a different experience from the previous visits. I got to chaperone my cousin and her bestfriend to Miami as her graduation/birthday present. Since they were not 21 we did not get to indulge in Miami's ultimate night life. Visited little Havana ate some really great Cuban food. spent the day at the beach, brunched, jet skied, banana boat, and other water activities.

September- Atlanta, Ga/Salt Lake City, UT! Solo/Business trip. Atlanta has become one of my favorite destinations to frequent, it is always sooooooooooo much to do and I find myself doing new things every time. I had a tax training and Gala to attend. Business was definitely handled first, but I always make time for some personal leisure time. I Brunched at "Suite Lounge" They have bottomless mimosa, met some great people got a hookah and found myself there ALL DAY. The vibe was definitely there, after brunch they have like a rooftop party for dinner. Solo Trip to Utah! Utah is sooo beautiful, the mountains were perfect. This trip was very personal and just amazing. I hiked mountains and terrains of high altitude. I skydived with "Sky Dive Utah". I brunched at the most beautiful restaurant ever "Brunch Hard", food was indescribably amazing, the drinks were so pretty and delicious did get a slight buzz. Also toured this really cool museum "dreamscape" the art is just very different it tells a story there are many photo op opportunities there. In the same vicinity as dreamscape they have a food mall called "Hall pass" with many options to eat from while being able to shop around at the different places. Trip was definitely 10/10 would like to revisit during the winter to ski.

October- Atlanta, GA- Solo Trip/Business Trip/ Girls Trip- spent 2 weeks in Atlanta. Started as a business trip that only took place during the weekend. Once that ended It became a solo trip which I just relaxed and enjoyed the time and freedom. I did visit my favorite place the only place i visit every time I'm in Atlanta Cirque, the daiquiri's are soo good, they have deals for each day of this week. I finally got to try the all you can eat snow crabs, lets just say I was in heaven a great drink and steamed snow crabs with butter. I also did brunch at Escobar Restaurant- There I had bottomless mimosas, Crab cakes and French toast with fresh fruit. After solo tripping it my favorite girl Keanna came to make it a girls trip like no other. We visited Boogalou Restaurant - Crab fingers and gumbo was delicious. The aesthetics were there they had swinging seats at the bar, the drinks just weren't what we was looking for. We went to Slush for drinks and we had fried salmon bites as an appetizer. They had really good music and the drinks were nice as well. Visited the "WILD Safari Experience" - this definitely did not meet my expectations. I assumed it was rooms with interactive wall art of the safari. It is one room with video playing from ceiling to floor with different pictures/ videos playing. We also road tripped to Tennessee, to go to Ruby Falls Trail do do some hiking, Zip lining, and ride this cart train that takes you up a mountain. Lastly we brunched at Noveau Bar and Grill, please make reservations as it gets packed really fast. I ordered bottomless mimosas, fried catfish with French toast, and Keanna got loaded shrimp and grits.

November-New Orleans, LA/ Fredericksburg, TX! Business Trip got to attend a Tax Seminar which was so beautiful and full of a lot of inspirational women. Met up with my sister who happened to also be out there we hit bourbon street and had some classic fun. Fredericksburg, TX on the outskirts of Austin, known for the wineries and open land. Got to spend thanksgiving here in a beautiful cabin. Nice outdoors relaxing type of adventure.

December- Las Vegas, NV! I had been wanting to visit Vegas all year since it had been 3 or so years since I last visited. Well I got to go with a friend and had a ball of a time. We were picked up in a limousine, got to ride in a helicopter over the city, did the gondola tour, visit smoke shops. I finally gambled and I won $150. Vegas is definitely cold in the winter and I had never experienced Vegas in the winter do not recommend going during this time.

I hope my travels can provide you guidance when planning your next trips. If you have any questions about any destinations please reach out! Happy to assist and answer!

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