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It’s Not All Figured Out

You don't need it all figured out. The more you think you do, the more you'll procrastinate and fear moving forward. Have courage and start now, even if you start small.


I can attest to this! After graduating college I thought I had life figured someone was going to hire me pay me the money I deserve and I was going to live the life I have always dreamed about.

Then reality hit. Life isn’t what I want or need it to be it just is life. Then a year rolled by, 2 years zoomed past me, and here I am 3 years have gone by with nothing much to show for regarding my degree I became discouraged and not even willing or feeling worthy enough to apply for jobs I knew I was well qualified for.

In between time of feeling discouraged and unworthy I found out who I was and what I was meant to do. I wasn’t placed here to work for jimmy or John. I was placed to make a change that only I could control.

Not having it all figured out has given me the opportunity to figure it out! When something doesn’t happen the way you plan just know the universe is telling you No No No Noo. That is not for you. But soon after that no there is a glorious yes that follows where you least expected it.

Start believing in who you are and what matters to you, start your journey of finding and figuring out you. On the way to self discovery you’ll get some no’s you’ll get let down but it all builds character it’s building you up for that Hell Yes!

Babies take small baby steps because they aren’t sure how the walking thing works until they gain the confidence in themselves to get up and start walking soon them baby steps become full steps then running. If you realize when the baby falls they don’t allow that one failed attempt to stop them for getting up again and trying to walk. After each fall they wait and then get back up and give it another try.

Look at your life from here forward as you’re the baby trying to walk in the cruel world, don’t allow one moment of imbalance to stop you from walking and soon running.

I hope this touched someone and you begin to look at life a little different!

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