Girls Trip —> Austin

This weekend we celebrated my bestfriend birthday!

We decided to take a road trip to Austin! Which was about a 3hr drive.


Hilton Austin - has roof top pool! With great views. The room was really spacious.


Canoeing @Rowing Duck -$25 hr they also had kayak which were $15 for 1 and $2 for two people.

Hiking @ Barton Creek Greenbelt. If you get there before 10:30 am you won’t need a reservation.


Eddie Vs for dinner the first night. Nice restaurant slightly over priced decent food.

Kasian Boil: Offers variety of Boiled Seafood. We all had the blasian and garlic blend. The food for the moment was delicious. Though it didn’t pack any real spice the food was okay I’d rate it a 6.5 personally. We were so hungry nobody got a picture of their food. Hideaway Kitchen and Bar: Brunch on the last day. The food here was amazing! Came out fast and presentable. Would definitely recommend.


Housing $413

Food $124

Entertainment $76

Total spent for trip $337.00

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