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Day 1

I am worth it!

I am valued!

I attract good things!

I deserve love and respect !

I believe In myself!

Today is about affirming all of the positivity and beliefs you have for yourself. I’ve heard speaking affirmations over yourself and truly believing what you’re saying holds a lot of power.

These were the ones that came today and I wasn’t going to share at first because I was like this isn’t what people want to read or how do I relate to those reading this by saying 3 words. I began looking for another quote and more affirmations came up. So I listed them and believe this is a sign of not for me than for you who is reading.

Speak positivity into yourself and believe in what you are telling you! Your only competition is YOU! You are striving everyday to be your best and better you! Everyday may not beat yesterday but you succeeded by making it through today! Love yourself lift yourself up encourage and motivate yourself to make it through each day as if it was day 1. day 1 is always happy, driven and full of energy. Keep that momentum through life everyday is just the beginning of a new day Day 1.

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